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Version: 0.5.x


  • Values can reference Variables by using their name (e.g. foo where foo is variable).
  • Values are treated as strings by default and cannot contain spaces (e.g. foobar123).
  • Values surrounded by " are treated as strings and can contain spaces (e.g. "foo bar").
  • Values surrounded by ` (backticks) are evaluated using JavaScript's eval function. This means you can use any valid JavaScript expression inside (e.g. `0.1 + 0.2`).
  • Values starting with file: are treated as file paths and the file's content is used as the value (e.g. file:foo.txt where foo.txt is a file relative to the preprocessed file.).
  • Values starting with url: are treated as URLs and the URL's content is used as the value (e.g. url:
  • Values starting with env: are treated as environment variables and the environment variable's value is used as the value (e.g. env:HOME).