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Version: 0.5.x

Safe Mode

When using a wide glob pattern (such as */**), utpp may match files that you don't want to be processed like compiled binaries etc. This could result in the following errors if utpp tries to match a pattern in them:

foo.txt: Command '$[�u�`�F�C���2���%�bԪ]$' found but it is not part of any block.
foo.txt: Found 1 unmatched commands. Please check your syntax.


bar.txt: Command '�Z��C��9�' does not exist.

To prevent this, you can use the --safe flag. This will cause utpp to only process files that contains the string ///utpp anywhere in the file. This is a good way to ensure that utpp only processes files that you want it to if you are unable to restrict your glob pattern. All occurances of ///utpp will be removed from the file.

Ignore unkown commands

As an alternative to safe mode, you can use the --ignore-unknown flag. This will cause utpp to ignore any commands that it doesn't recognize. If a command is not recognized in a block, the entire block will be ignored (unchanged).


Typos in commands will be ignored with this flag and no error will be thrown. This could result in unwanted behavior.


This flag only checks for unkown commands, not variables.